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    from open-pore ceramic


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    The wheat stalk or the lush flower arrangement pictured on grandma’s evaporator are just a bad memory. The evaporator became a dinosaur and never experienced a true redesign until now. Evaporators are needed. The dry air in heated rooms causes us trouble and electric evaporators are not for everyone. The porous earthenware gives off a maximum amount of water. On the glazed front is room for modern decor. From children’s motives, graphic design to borrowings of early Victorian style.

    Suitable for ripped and flat radiators;
    hook can be bent

  • Details

    Designer and Motifs:
    Karen Olze & Gisa Wilkens: tea bag, towel, stripe on yellow, water pixel
    Kenichi Kusano: skyscraper animals, zipper
    Julia Dombrowski: water towers Coyote, Marfa, Luling
    Service Form: Alois
    Material: ceramic, flexible plastic covered wire hook
    Measurements: 20,5 x 9,5 x 4,5 cm;
    volume: 380 ml; weight: 660 g